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Anh Nguyet Tran


Anh is from Viet Nam and holds a MSc degree in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, issued by University of the Philippines Los BaƱos, Philippine

PhD project: Role of Calcium sensing-signaling under low oxygen

Calcium (Ca2+) was suggested to trigger low O2 signalling in plants, since a spiking in cytosolic Ca2+ concentration had been observed in maize and Arabidopsis under low O2. Moreover, maize suspension-cultured cells were shown to require Ca2+ for the expression of ADH1. More recent results reported the discovery of the direct O2 sensor RAP2.12 as regulator of the expression of the low O2 core genes, among which ADH. The idea is to investigate whether there is a link between the Ca2+ -related induction of ADH gene under low O2 and its regulation by RAP2.12. The sensor-signaling (CBL-CIPK) which promising to improve plant stress tolerance through modulating the expression of key of anaerobic genes.