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Worldwide area cultivated with GMO is shrinking


Breaking news from a recent ISAAA report. Since 1996, when for the very first time OGM were introduced in conventional agriculture, data show a decrease in their worldwide use in 2015. GM soybean is still increasing, GM oilseed rape is stable, whilst GM cotton and especially GM maize areas are decreasing. The most striking reduction is shown by herbicide resistant crops which in just one year (from 2014 to 2015) have lost an area of ca. 8 million ha. These data may be a sign of change in the way farmers are using GM crops. Are they becoming more aware of the limits of GM technologies? The explosion of glyphosate resistant weeds in the US may suggest this. The main findings of the 2015 ISAAA report can be accessed ISAAA_report on use of GM crops (2015)

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